Monday, March 29, 2010

Food: A Place For Food

 "Food" is an aptly named establishment located in Victor.  I would recommend Food for people that enjoy food, and I am happy to report that they make a very good hamburger (hamburgers are a type of food).  As you can see from the smaller sign to the right of the sign that says Food, the hours of Food are limited, so take note if you are in the mood for food at Food.  Food is usually pretty packed, and its a small place, so be prepared for the possibility of a wait.  Here is what it looks like when it is not open:

Usually, a lot of cars are here.

A sign that the food at Food is going to be good: it is always busy despite being a restaurant named "Food" with weird hours located in a boring portable-looking building next to an office park. My one previous visit to Food had been pleasant, so when I recently became hungry for food, I decided to return, and this time burgers were on the menu.  The menu just said "Cheddar Burger" so I had no idea what to expect in terms of burger style, and our server seemed in too much of a hurry for me to ask, but since everything else at Food is good, I figured it would be a worthwhile offering.

Food serves up easily the best Rochester Style burger I've had to date, and though I'm generally not a fan, this burger won me over with a great execution.  The first thing that set it apart was the bun, which although more robust than the typical fast food style bun, was still extremely soft and light and was clearly fresh baked, making it a great burger vehicle and a far cry from my burger nemesis, the kaiser roll.  I was wary of the name "Cheddar Burger" which could have meant an overpoweringly Cheddary experience, but the cheese used turned out to be very mild, so even thought it was generously applied the flavor was subtle and well balanced in context.

Most important of all, the patty was awesome.  You can see the killer crust peeking out from under the edges of the cheese, and it tasted as good as it looks.  This is a smashed burger done right: smashed onto the griddle at the beginning of cooking, but not weighted down or repeatedly flattened, yielding  maximum surface crust without losing too much moisture.  Not only was this cooked properly, it was also well seasoned, good quality meat. As you can see, they put the lettuce and tomato on the side.  A good move, as they would only detract from this burger.  My only complaint is that I think it would really shine with two patties instead of one, so I may have to ask if they'll make me a double next time.

Verdict: Food serves a great Rochester Style burger, even if you're not particularly into that kind of thing.

Price: $7.00, came with a side of potato salad, which was also good.

(Also:  I should mentioned that the menu at Food changes every day, so the burger might not always be available.  If you want to make sure, give them a call first: (585) 742-3280)

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  1. What a great review. Next time I am New York I will definitely go to Food.